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How to Keep Kids Engaged and Happy During a Move

How to Keep Kids Engaged and Happy During a Move

Children may feel a bit insecure with all the transitions and the newness of everything. To make moving easier and keep their spirits high, it is important to get them involved. Letting them help with planning and packing can make them feel in control, and excited about the move.

This can ease their stress and help them adjust better to their new home. In this guide, we will take a look at how you can make moving a positive experience for your children.

Pre Move Preparation

Get your children involved early on to turn the moving process into a fun adventure. Allow them to assist in packing up their stuff as well. Which will teach them responsibility and how to be decision-makers. Give them colorful markers and stickers, to label their boxes, so that it becomes an enjoyable exercise.

Let them think and plan the layout and decor of the new room. They could draw their ideas or use online tools to design their space in a manner that they could feel connected to the room before they physically make the move in melbourne. If possible, visit your new area before the move. Take the family on a field trip to the new home and explore the neighbourhood.

Find and see all the local parks, playgrounds, and schools. This will ease their worries about unknowns and build some reasonable anticipation for their new place. If you are not able to visit them in person, make a virtual tour from maps and local websites together to talk about all the fun places you will explore after settling down in that place.

Moving Day Activities

Plan some interesting activities for moving day. Set up a scavenger hunt where kids can look for the last-minute household things to be packed, like a favorite toy or spoon and check them off the list. Maybe you could even play box bingo with cards that have things to spot during move, like a blue box or a wrapped lamp.

Making a packing kit which is kids-friendly with stickers, colored markers, and simple games will do just fine to keep them busy at least. Helping them to make the boxes for themselves with designs and decorations of their, turning packing into a fun activity. Provide them with washable markers to draw on the boxes and create “moving day masterpieces.” All these activities will entertain your children and make them feel part of the moving process in Adelaide.

Keeping Routines

Keep the children’s routines as same as possible. Stick to their regular meal times and bedtimes if you can. Using easily portable snacks and preparing meals ahead can help stick to a normal eating schedule even when everything else is in flux.

Set up a temporary dining room and have the family eat in it to maintain the mealtime routine. Start setting up your children’s rooms as soon as you can in your new home. Put together their beds, lay out their usual bedding, and place some favourite items around. This will make their new room feel like a safe, familiar place from the start.

Having them help set up their own space can also comfort them and give them some sense of control in the new environment. By focusing on keeping the following routines would help reduce the moving stress, make your kids feel more secure and help them settle faster into the new home. 

Post-Move Adjustment

Adjusting to a new place can be tough for children. Especially if they are starting at a new school in a new location and making new friends. If possible, contact the school before relocating. Attend open houses or orientations so that your child can start to feel comfortable in the new environment and meet some other kids. 

Discover the new community with your child. Do a few rounds of local parks, libraries, and community centres. Involvement in local activities will help your child relate to the community and not feel out of place. Encourage them to join clubs or sports teams according to their interests, making it easier for them to make new friends.

Resources for Parents

For parents who are relocating with children, tapping into the local resources can be extremely beneficial. Finding and joining local parenting groups or community centres is a great first step. Such organisations are likely to offer activities and resources that may help your family settle into the new environment.

They provide an opportunity for these people to meet other families, most probably going through the same challenges or those who can actually provide first-hand information about the new neighbourhood.  Online forums and social media groups specifically for your new neighbourhood are also valuable resources. 

These platforms contain treasure troves of information, right from advice on the best schools in the area to the most happening local events to the youth sports programs in the area. Continuous participation in the activities of the online community both before and after moving in brisbane makes you more connected to the place.

Also, check out the notice board of the community at the city hall or local library as they contain all information on the upcoming community activities.

Many libraries also host events and workshops that can be fun and informative for both kids and parents. These are events that are not only educational but also a great way to meet other local families.

Also, do not forget to socialise with new neighbours. In most cases, new neighbours can give valuable pieces of advice or even share experiences and recommendations about living in the area. Such contact with people can make your moving more pleasant.

Actively looking and getting involved in these resources will make the family relocation much less stressful and more a part of the community. These efforts help in building a new network, finding friends for your kids, and creating a support system for yourself after your move in Sydney.


Moving with kids can be quite the challenge, but it also provides you with a great opportunity to bring the family closer. In this regard, getting the kids involved in the moving process, helping them get used to new places, and making sure familiar routines are kept up can all go a long way to make things right. Don’t forget that the key here is local resources.

Consider it an adventure with thrills and a time to make new memories in a new home. Look forward to all the good stuff coming your way. This attitude alone makes moving so much easier and even fun for you and your children.