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Connect Market bridges the gap between you and the local removalists in the Central Coast, ensuring a seamless and stress-free moving experience.

Our dedicated team focuses on understanding your unique needs to find the perfect match for your move, tailored within your budget. With our commitment to efficiency, affordability, and personalized service, Connect Market stands out as your trusted partner for transition to your new home or office.

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Standout Features of the Connect Market
Removalists in Central Coast

complete moving plans

Complete Moving Packages

Our network of removalists has special package that cover every part of moving. From packing up your stuff to taking it out at your new house, they do it all. You won't have to worry about anything; they take care of everything for you.

Free moving quote

Quick, Free Quotes

Have a pretty accurate quote of the cost of moving without much hassle. You only give a few details of where you are moving to and from, and in no time, an estimate is ready. This way, you would not have a lot of stress in planning your move on time.

affordable and cheap removalists in Frankston

Budget-Friendly Options

You do not have to spend a lot of bucks during the move. In doing so, you get to settle in your new place without worries of having spent a whole lot of money and getting excellent service on a budget.

moving solutions

Storage Solutions

If you opt for it, then our listed removalists can give you a place where your belongings can spend their needed time. Your items can just stay in place for as long as everything is set to move into your new place.

connecting beyond border

Fast and Efficient Moves

Our listed removalists assure you that your move will be carried out in the fastest manner possible. We have network removalists that work with utmost professionalism. With the ideal team and a truck just the right size for the move, be assured that you will be in your new place in no time.

Expert removalists

Right Match for You

Our service makes sure you are paired with the ideal removalist that will understand your specific move. The service is designed to fit your moving needs and help ensure that the relocation experience is up to your expectations.

storage solution during your house or office move

Personalised Moving Plans

Since every move is particular, we make sure to offer plans especially designed for you. Whether you want any additional service or just have things to move around, we have crafted this service for you.

customer support

24/7 Customer Support

We're here to answer your questions 24 hours a day or night regarding your move. So don't hesitate to consult us for any information that will help build your confidence towards your move. Always consider us your reliable and reputable advisors.

What Sets Us Apart?

Here at Connect Market, we’re like your friendly guide who makes moving to a new home easy. We give you all the details you need and match you with the perfect removalists, making sure everything feels simple.

You only pay for the moving company you choose, whether you’re moving just nearby or to a completely different state. Our main goal is to make your move smooth and free from worries.

We don’t just help you move your things. We also help you find the companies who can clean your new place and reliable electricity companies to make sure you have power. This way, your new place is all set up, clean, and bright when you arrive.

route map for Movers Central Coast truck

Something About Central Coast

The Central Coast, New South Wales, really is a beautiful place. The long-standing rate for being a holiday destination with many stories is full of beautiful nature and perfect coastlines with quiet villages, towns, beaches. The climate is usually mild, and it is an ideal place to live for retirement or vacation. The total population as of this time is estimated to be around 343,180 people living, but there are more who are planning to move in.

This place is unique in the sense that it has diverse kinds of works to explore and fun activities, from exploring nature to working in banks. It’s unique in the sense that from places like Sydney, it’s purely city life with little of nature’s beauty. This makes it a perfect spot for people who want to live near nature but still enjoy city perks.

Thinking about moving to the Central Coast? Here’s what you should know:

1. Cheap Places to Live: There are a few places on the Central Coast where a person would buy a house for cheap. For instance, in Chain Valley Bay, it usually goes for about $480,000. Other places include Lake Munmorah, with the houses going at about $491,000, Gorokan at $500,000, and Canton Beach at $530,000. These are such places which make it a little bit easier for people to buy houses. It is because of their low costs.

2. Growing places: East Gosford and Woy Woy are growing places and are popular with buyers looking to purchase a house as a place to live in and invest. They provide great access for commuters to the city and enable living at the beach.

So, the Central Coast is becoming a popular place for people to buy houses because it has affordable options, some areas are growing and becoming more valuable, and more people want to live there thanks to changes in how we work and live.

Local Central Coast Removalists Pricing

If you’re planning to move to a new house on the Central Coast, there are local moving companies ready to help. Most of these businesses contain a standard team of about two people and a truck, ready to help you for a price that varies from $61 to $84 every 30 minutes in which they help you. The total cost of the move will, of course, depend upon the distance moved, the volume of belongings to be moved, and required additional services.

For instance, if you’re moving from a one-bedroom house, it might take around 3 to 4 hours to move everything.

This would mean that moving into a new place within the Central Coast, on average, would then cost, say, about $560. Though this is just estimation, the actual value will vary from one individual to another.

Why Choose The Connect Market for Your Move?

Taking Care of Special Items

We understand that there may be items of special value, such as pieces of art and very fragile items. Our movers are well-trained in the careful packing of such items with the ideal quality of packing materials to protect the respective items from getting damaged in movement.

Eco-Friendly Moving

Our listed removalists committed to protecting the environment. That’s why some of our moving teams use eco-friendly packing materials. These materials are either easily recyclable or reusable, helping to reduce our impact on the planet.

Saving Money with Expert Help

You might think moving on your own saves money, but that’s not always true. When you add up renting a moving truck, buying boxes and other packing things, it can get pricey. Often, it’s actually cheaper to let expert movers help you. They know how to do everything right and save you money in the end.

Our Simple Steps to Move

Moving with us is straightforward:
1. Tell us what you’re moving.
2. Get a special quote just for you.
3. Book with us and just relax.

Our affordable movers in the Central Coast are super careful and pay attention to every little detail. We find the ideal movers for you, so you don’t have to spend time looking.

Removalists Werribee Team

Moving Services offered by Central Coast Removalists

Not just one or two, furniture removalists Central Coast provide all kinds of furniture removal services. They cater you for local moving, interstate move and many more.
An array of removalist companies with us provides with services like packing and unpacking services, storage services, transportation, cleaning services, energy services and many more. No need to go beyond now. You get what you want here with us, at Connect Market.

Reliable House Moving Service in Central Coast

House Removalists

Moving house isn’t just about boxes. It includes big stuff like your fridge and even vehicles. The movers can handle any house size, making sure everything gets to your new home safely.

Quick Office Removalists Service in Central Coast

Office Removalists

Moving an office is about getting your work stuff, like computers, documents and desks, to a new place safely. Experienced office removalists can do all the work, so your new office is ready to work as soon as possible.

Affordable Local & Interstate Movers in Central Coast

Local and interstate removalists

For short moves, local movers make sure your things are moved safely and quickly. For moves to another state, interstate movers are careful to protect your belongings on the longer journey.

Professional Central Coast Packers and Movers

Packing and Unpacking

Packing experts use bubble wrap and special boxes to keep your things safe. They can pack everything up and then unpack it in your new place, making sure everything is perfect.

Expert Cleaners in Central Coast

Cleaning Services

If you don’t want to worry about cleaning, you can choose to have professionals clean your old and new homes. They make everything spotless, which is one less thing for you to think about during your move.

Reliable Energy service in Central Coast

Energy Services

Setting up your electricity and gas in the new home can be easy too. If you want, you can get help to make sure your utilities are ready to go, so your new place is warm and bright as soon as you move in.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can find movers who work on weekends. Just remember, it might cost a bit more to move on these days because a lot of people want to move then.

Before moving day, get rid of stuff you don’t need, label your boxes so you know what’s inside, make a list of all your things, and make sure the movers can easily get to your house. Let them know if you have anything that breaks easily or needs special care.

Many of our listed central coast furniture removals can help take your furniture apart and put it back together. It’s a good idea to ask if they do this and if it costs extra.

If something gets broken, tell the moving company right away. They should have a way to fix the problem if you’ve the standard insurance.

Yes, many movers on the Central Coast can move your things to a different state. Make sure they’re allowed to and have experience with long moves.

Don’t pack things that could cause harm, food that can spoil, plants, or very valuable items like jewelry. It’s safer to keep those with you.

How long it takes to move depends on how much stuff you have, how far you’re going, and how quick the movers are. Moving nearby might just take a day, but moving to another state could take longer.

Yes, many movers can give you boxes and stuff for packing, like bubble wrap and tape. This might be included in their service or cost a little extra.

Each moving company has its own rules about changing or canceling your move. Some are okay with changes if you tell them early, but others might charge you a fee.


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Pretty solid move, honestly. They comes with fleet of trucks and nailed basically everything, just a little hiccup but nothing major. Would call them up again.
Maureen Porter
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The movers were a dream. Everything went very smoothly; they were super careful with my stuff and really made a day that can be very stressful stress-free. Thumbs up for this amazing Central Coast Removalists service.
Lesley Caron
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Cannot say enough good about these guys. They were fast, did not bang up one thing, and simply made the whole moving day feel much easier. Top marks from me.
Arron Evans
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Wow, just wow. These people moved me in and out quicker than I thought was even possible, and everything was just as I packed it. Will definitely ring them for my next move.
Margaret Waldeck
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I absolutely loved their service. People from the team were friendly and really paid attention to the details; each and every thing was being handled with care. Highly recommended.
David Mott
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Great moving experience. The team was on point, fast, and everything arrived just as it left. Would 100% recommend.
Pamela Yeadon
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Top notch team. Fast, handled my stuff with care, and overall professional. So glad I went with them.
Patricia Hart
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The move went super smooth. They were professional and quick in sorting a small issue. Really satisfied with the service.
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Great job from the moving team. They were very efficient and professional, taking care that everything was safe. Definitely recommend their services.
Patricia Hart
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The moving team was awesome. So fast, professional, and everything arrived in such great shape. Made my move so much less stressful.