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Connect Market changes how you find help for moving, making it super easy to pick your next moving company with just a click. We’re really good at connecting you with the right movers. We look at what you need and find the perfect moving company for you from our listed removalists.

This smart way of doing things means you get a moving company that fits just right. At Connect Market, we make moving simple by focusing on bringing you the best moving help with lots of care.

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Some of our unique features
Removalists in Liverpool

complete moving plans

Complete Moving Packages

We provide everything you need from start to finish. Whether you move nearby or far away. Beyond just moving, we're here to connect you with essential services like energy and cleaning in Liverpool.

Free moving quote

Free and Fast Quotes

Our quotes come at zero cost and are delivered swiftly, ensuring you only pay the movers. The price will depend on your specific moving needs and preferences, providing clarity and transparency right from the start.

affordable and cheap removalists in Frankston

Budget-Friendly Moves

We focus on making moving affordable while still giving you top-notch service. This way, you can move without stressing over high costs, keeping your budget and peace of mind in check.

moving solutions

Simple Storage Options

Need a place to keep your things for a bit during your move? Just tell us, and we'll find you movers who also have safe storage spots, so your belongings are protected until you're set to take them.

connecting beyond border

Finding the Right Movers for You

Our job is to pair you up with the ideal moving company that fits exactly what you need. We're all about making sure you get matched with the best option for your move.

Expert removalists

Specialty Item Relocation

The companies we work with know that special things like old treasures, artwork, and delicate pieces need extra care. They use the best packing materials to make sure these items are moved safely and with lots of care.

storage solution during your house or office move

Eco Friendly Moving Supplies

Some of our chosen companies provide green packing options, like boxes that break down naturally and packaging that can be used more than once. This choice is great for the planet because it means less trash and fewer carbon emissions, making your move a friendlier one for the environment. environmentally friendly.

customer support

24/7 Customer Support

Throughout your move, our team will be with you every step of the way. If you have any concerns or questions, we're here to assist.

What Makes Us Different?

Connect Market stands out because we make moving easy, communicate clearly, and provide services just for what you need in Liverpool.

We have a system that lets you get a quote without paying anything. This way, you only spend money on the moving help you really need, helping your move go super smooth. Whether you’re moving close by or to a different state, we’re all about making it simple for you.

Not just for moving your house, office, or apartment, we also connect you up with companies that can clean your new spot and sort out your electricity. This means you have way less to stress about when you’re moving.

Something About Liverpool

Liverpool is a lively city in northwest England, known for its important sea history, famous waterfront, and rich culture. It’s where The Beatles started, and their music is celebrated at The Beatles Story museum.

The city’s old docklands are recognized by UNESCO, highlighting Liverpool’s big role in world trade and the British Empire’s growth. Lately, Liverpool has been updated a lot, mixing modern vibes with its historic and cultural beauty.

With around 498,000 people living there, Liverpool has a deep cultural and historical background.

It’s grown a lot, with tourism bringing in more than £4.3 billion every year. The city has over 6,800 notable buildings, showing off different styles and important history. The Beatles Story museum alone brings in about 300,000 visitors yearly. Which shows Liverpool’s big cultural influence worldwide.

The moving and removals business in Liverpool is booming, helping the city’s homes and businesses move around. Every year, about 12,000 moves happen. Helped by more than 100 moving companies in the area.

Charges of Local Liverpool Removalists

When moving locally in Liverpool, what you pay removalists can change a lot based on how much stuff you’re moving, how far you’re going, and what kind of help you need. The price can be really different depending on your move.

For a smaller move, you might pay about $60-70 for around 30 minutes of help. But for bigger moves that take more time, like 6-7 hours, the cost could be between $874 to $1027. And if you have a really big move that needs 12-13 hours, it could cost you around $1980.

Why Choose the Connect Market?

Save Time

Moving can be a huge job, and it’s probably clear to you just how time-consuming it can be. The Liverpool movers we’ll introduce you to know exactly how to take care of your belongings.

Transparent and Simple

At Connect Market, we like to keep things straightforward. We’re open about everything – from the cost to how we pick the movers for you. You’ll get all the details upfront, so no surprises pop up later.

Personalized Mover Matching

Recognizing each move is unique, we provide tailored matches for movers and services fitting your budget. The moving companies we connect you with are proficient and experienced, ensuring a flawless moving process.

The way we work

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Let our listed movers take care of the heavy lifting. These Removalists will be with you every step of the way, doing extra to make sure your needs are met and your move goes smoothly.

Our network is made up of hardworking, skilled removalists who put the safety of your stuff first. With movers we’ve checked out and trust, your belongings are safe.

From start to finish, our chosen removalists handle your move with lots of care and attention. They’re really good at packing up your furniture, keeping your pool table safe, and making sure your appliances stay free from scratches or dents. With us, we make sure every part of your move is looked after to prevent any problems.

Removalists in Liverpool

Our Removal Services in Liverpool

Not just one or two, furniture removalists in Liverpool provide all kinds of furniture removal services. They cater you for local moving, interstate move and many more. 

An array of companies with us provides removalist services in Liverpool like packing and unpacking services, storage services, transportation, cleaning services, energy services and many more. No need to go beyond now. You get what you want here with us, at Connect Market.

Cheap House Moving Service In Castle Hill

House Removalists

Our network is full of removalists who are experts at moving every kind of furniture in your home in Liverpool. No matter if it’s big items or things that need to be handled with care. Our recommended house movers make sure all your stuff gets to its new home safely. They pay extra attention to how they handle everything, making sure safety is always the most important thing.

Affordable Castle Hill House Removalists

Office Removalists

We can help you find the best office movers in Liverpool. Who are great at moving office equipment like computers, desks, furniture, and paperwork quickly and without any trouble. They work hard to make sure your move goes smoothly, allowing you to get back to business as usual in your new place with no delays..

Budget Local & Interstate Moving Service

Local and interstate removalists

For moves within Liverpool or to another state, we link you with affordable removalists expert in both local and interstate relocations. Rely on us to find a team that guarantees a smooth and secure move, no matter the distance.

Packing & Unpacking Service in Castle Hill

Packing and Unpacking Services

Our movers offer packing and unpacking services to reduce moving stress. We connect you with Liverpool packers using quality materials to protect your belongings, ensuring everything is securely packed.

Quick Castle Hill Cleaning Service

Cleaning Services

Cleaning is a popular additional service during moves. Whether it’s your old or new place, we assist you in finding top-notch cleaners to leave your space spotless and inviting.

Trusted Energy Service in Castle Hill

Energy Services

Settling into a new place means setting up utilities. We help you find affordable electricity and gas deals, working with companies to fulfill your energy needs efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Movers in Liverpool can pack up your stuff, put it in their trucks, take it to your new house, and even unpack it for you. They can also keep your things for a little while if your new house isn’t ready.

Most movers can’t move pets because of safety rules. It’s better to find a special service that moves pets safely.

If something breaks, tell the moving company right away. Take pictures of the broken thing and check your contract to see what you can do about it.

You should ask movers to help about 4-6 weeks before you move, especially if you’re moving when it’s really busy, like on weekends or at the end of the month.

Yes, movers won’t move dangerous things, food that can spoil, plants, or very expensive things. You should ask them for a list of things they don’t move.

Yes, many movers in Liverpool can move you to another state. Their prices and services might be different, so ask them if they can do it and how much it will cost.

The cost to hire movers changes a lot. It depends on how much stuff you have, how far you’re moving, and if you need extra help.

Sort through your things and decide what to keep. Pack your stuff if you’re not having the movers do it, and label each box with what’s inside and which room it goes in. Make a list of everything you’re moving to check later.

Yes, many movers can pack your things for you. Whether you should use this service depends on how much money you want to spend, how busy you are, and if you want your things packed by professionals to keep them safe.


Nicholas Ambler
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Using this service was a game-changer for our move. Finding a reliable removalist was made so much easier. The company we got was professional, punctual, and handled our belongings with great care.
Frida Beedy
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Good service overall, the team were professional but a little delayed. All my belongings arrived on time and handled with care.
Michael Debbarge
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The move process was seamless, communication could be improved. Other than that, happy with how it turned out.
Blondie Hansen
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Customer service was very great. They immediately answered all my questions and explained how they pick the best moving company for what I needed. It felt great actually getting some help and advice.
Carolyn Jones
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At first, I was a little surprised by how straightforward everything was.But being able to see reviews and ratings for each company made me feel sure about my choice. The moving company we ended up with was awesome - they were quick, nice, and didn't cost too much.
Janice Mckenzie
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I was in a special situation. Because I needed to keep my things somewhere before I could move into my new home. They connected me with the best removalist who not only stored but also transported my stuffs professionally.
Trish Matthes
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The whole process went pretty smoothly and was easy for me. But, there was a small wait before I got my final confirmation and details from the moving company.
Diane Millward
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Showed great attention to detail especially when packing. Pricing was great too, well worth the little bit extra for convenience.
Yathindu Hettiarachchige
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Very efficient and professional. The quote was accurate and the move was hassle-free.