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If you’re looking to move items in or around Adelaide without breaking the bank, we’ve got you covered. We make moving within or nearby simple by helping you find cheap removalists Adelaide

We’ll connect you with local removalists who can transport your belongings from one place to another. Whether your move is a short distance, we have the perfect team for you.

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Finding Professional Removalists

When you tell us about your move, including your budget, how much you're moving, and where you're going. We'll find removalists that fit exactly what you need. This way, you don't have to spend time searching for the right removalists.

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Complete Moving Plans

Those who don't want to do any work during the move can choose this plan. In which we will connect you with removalists who will handle everything required for your move. Which includes packing, providing packing materials, furniture disassembly, truck loading and unloading and disposal of packing material etc.

cost effective relocation in Adelaide

Cost-Effective Solutions

Hiring a removal company can actually save you money compared to moving everything yourself. When you add up the costs of renting a moving truck, buying packing supplies, and other expenses, moving on your own often ends up costing more than hiring professionals.

moving solutions

Quick and Efficient

Removal companies bring the expertise to manage even the trickiest moves easily and efficiently. They can handle all the packing and moving much faster than you could.

storage solution during your house or office move

Local Moving Consultation

To ensure a hassle-free move, we'll help you get in touch with local removalists. This communication allows you to plan thoroughly and receive expert advice, preparing you for a successful move.

efficient house moving in Adelaide

Customized Moving Services

We know every move is different. That's why we customize moving plans based on your needs. Whether you need only packing service or you want storage service along with your moving services.

connecting beyond border

Wide Range of Services

The Adelaide removalists we recommend offers a wide variety of top-notch services for moving homes, office, or furniture. Some of them offer services for local or long distance move throughout Adelaide. These skilled movers are ready to tackle any challenge.

customer support

24*7 Support

Our expert customer service team is ready to answer all your queries related to moving companies. They're here to answer any questions and help you with booking.

What Makes Us Different From Others?

CONNECT MARKET makes moving easy for you. We talk to you clearly and make sure our services fit exactly what you need. You can get FREE quotes from us, so you only pay for the moving service you want. This way, whether you’re moving nearby or to a different state, everything goes smoothly.

Not just for moving houses, offices, or apartments, we also help you find cheap removalists Adelaide who offer a range of services. They can help with packing and unpacking, offer safe places to keep your things, put together and take apart furniture, and even take care of throwing away trash.

Something About Adelaide

Adelaide is an affordable city, it’s not as expensive to live there as in other big cities in Australia. At the moment, home prices are on the lower end, so this is good when you first move there. It’s a friendly place, in general, with a big community feel. There are 1.3 million people in Adelaide. 

Despite being a big city, you get everything you need (like awesome schools and health facilities). Perfect for anyone (or any family) looking to start over in a safe city. A mix of urban and natural attractions here provides a balanced lifestyle.

The average house price in Adelaide is now up to $774,969 after their property market went up. The forecast ranges from 1.0% to 6.4%, so it all depends on the bank. 

Prices have gone up a bit because of infrastructure that’s made Aussie cities easier to get around. Not as many Aussies are losing their jobs, and international travelers and migrants are moving again, making Adelaide one of the stronger markets. House values have gone up over 1% every month and skyrocketed 52.3% since the start of COVID, being good news for both house-buyers and investors.

What Is the Cost of Local Removalists in Adelaide

Adelaide removalists often charge between $60 and $80 for each 30 minutes, providing two movers and a truck. Generally, it takes about three to four hours to move a single bedroom, which means you might spend around $520 on average for such a move.

We know the importance of every penny. Which is why we provide prices that are meant to be affordable, helping you manage your moving expenses effectively.

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Why Choose the CONNECT MARKET?

Save Time

Moving properties is a big task, and you’re likely already aware of how long it takes. Not only packing Adelaide removalists you can also load and unload your belongings much faster. The movers Adelaide we’ll get you in touch with are experts at handling delicate items and bulky furniture.

Transparent and Simple

Connect Market likes to keep things simple. We’re straightforward about everything, from how much it costs to how we choose your removalists. You’ll have all the info you need, so there won’t be any unexpected surprises.

Properly Insured

We want you to feel completely safe and comfortable when you move. We’ll connect you with Adelaide removalists that have a standard insurance called Public Liability Insurance. This means if something unexpected happens and your things get damaged or lost during the move, there’s a plan in place to help you. It’s like having a safety net to make sure you and your stuff are protected.

How Does the Connect Market Work?

The process is straightforward:


  1. Share your moving details 
  2. Receive a tailored quote
  3. Finalize the quote, and relax.


Our process makes it easy to find a mover who fits exactly what you need, saving you from having to search for the right company yourself.

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Services Offered By Removals Adelaide

Cheap and BestHouse removals in Adelaide

House Removalists

We know removalists who are experts in moving houses. They know how to carefully move your furniture, appliances, and even your car. These moving companies are expert at making sure all your stuff is taken care of, so everything arrives at your new home safely.

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Best office removals Adelaide

Office Removalists

Moving an office means taking all the stuff that an office needs to work. Like computers, desks, chairs, and all the documents, to a new place. Hiring professionals to move your office can help save time and money.

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Affordable Local and interstate removalists Adelaide

Local and Interstate Adelaide Removalists

If you’re moving somewhere close, like to a different part of your town or from the suburbs to the city. It’s less than 50 miles away, that’s called a local move. These moves don’t take a long time, usually a day or two. But if you’re moving to a different state, that’s an interstate move. The cost of interstate moving depends on how much your stuff weighs and how far you’re moving, unlike local moves, which are charged by the hour.

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Professional Packers and Movers Adelaide

Packers and Movers Adelaide

If you’re planning to move, it’s a good idea to let experts handle packing and unpacking. They use special materials like bubble wrap and boxes to keep your things safe. This way, you can focus on other important stuff, knowing that your belongings are being packed and unpacked properly.

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Best and cheap cleaning services before or after move in Adelaide

Cleaning Services

Moving for a new home includes cleaning tasks which is an unavoidable part of relocation. Having to clean the house after moving out and welcoming a brand new home is hard work. Luckily, you can avoid doing these things by yourself. Our platform helps you find cleaning services that can get both your old and new places perfectly clean.

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Energy services in Adelaide

Energy Services

Moving isn’t only about moving your things to a new place. You might also need to set up things like electricity and gas in your new home. We can help you find local companies that provide these energy services.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Removalists

With Our Answers to Those Removals Related Queries

It’s a good idea to book removalists in Adelaide at least 4 to 6 weeks before your move. This gives you enough time to plan and ensures that the movers are available on your preferred date.

Yes, On Connect Market, you can find removalists who can help you move within Adelaide or to a different state. So, whether your move is close by or far away, you can find the right help for your moving needs.

No, Connect Market aims for clear and open communication. The quotes you get from us cover everything, but it’s still a good idea to talk over the details with the removalist you choose.

Connect Market sends you quotes that match exactly what you need for your move. We look at where you’re moving, how much stuff you have, and any other special needs you have to make sure the services we suggest are just right for you.

Connect Market takes your privacy seriously. We use your information just to help with your request and to find the right movers for you. We make sure your information is kept safe and treated according to the law.

When removalists have to carry your stuff up stairs or squeeze through small spaces, it’s like they’re doing extra hard work. This can make the move take longer. Since the cost of moving usually depends on how much time it takes, tricky spots like stairs can make the moving cost go up.

Yes, it’s a good idea to be there when you’re moving. This way, you can watch what’s happening, answer any questions the removalissts have, and make sure everything goes the way it’s supposed to. Being there also means you can check your stuff before and after the move to ensure nothing is missing or damaged.

Mostly it depends on three things. Firstly, how long the move takes, because removalists usually charge by the hour. Secondly, how much you’re moving – more stuff means more work. Thirdly, if you have big, delicate or special items like pianos or expensive furniture, they need a bit of extra care and that can add to the cost. It’s also a factor how far you’re moving, just like with normal moving; the further you go, the bigger the price.

Yes, they normally offer to store your items if you’re moving out of one place and into the other one doesn’t set the stage for a while. It’s always a good thing to ask whether there will be an extra charge for storing your items.

The rules about this can be different depending on the individual contractor or moving company. When you book, make sure you ask about how the payment works if you need to cancel or change the date of your move, and give them a call if anything changes.

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Highly Recommended Removalists By Our Customers

To Book Best and Cheap Removalists Adelaide

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After my move across Adelaide with a team found by Connect Market, I can't praise them enough. They were professional, quick, and made the whole experience completely stress-free. I highly recommend their top-notch service to anyone.
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I was really happy with how they found me movers who were great at packing and moving my stuff from my apartment. Everything about the process was very clear, and there were no extra costs that surprised me. I was completely satisfied.
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Moving our office felt like a huge challenge until they helped us find a removalist who made sure we barely had to stop working. Moving to our new place was smooth and fast, all because they recommended the right people.
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The packing and unpacking service we got through Connect Market was amazing. The Adelaide removalists were really careful with our stuff, they worked fast, and were super nice. This made our move a lot easier than we expected.
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The cleaning service that they recommended was amazing. It felt so good to leave my old place looking nice and to find my new home all set and ready for me to move into.
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Connect Market gave me options for moving that were made just for me, didn't cost too much, and still had great service. Everything was easy to understand and done quickly, which made for a really good moving experience.
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The whole process of moving, with help from Connect Market, went perfectly. The movers arrived on time, acted professionally, and handled my things very carefully. This was the easiest and simplest move I've ever had.
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The extra services, such as setting up utilities, that was provided made my move a lot easier. It was one less thing for me to stress about, helping make the whole moving process smoother.
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Deciding to go with Connect Market for my move turned out to be a great choice. Their customer service was top-notch, and they connected me with a removalist. All my belongings got to my new place in perfect shape because of how carefully they were handled.
Allee Richards
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I was looking to move into a 3×2 house. Rhys and James were both great at Connect Market. They arrived on time, brought a big truck through a narrow driveway, and immediately got to work like rock stars. They both petted my dog and ensured their special couch was safe on the short drive. Both were friendly and did their jobs well. I’d hire them again and recommend them to anyone needing a moving company. Excellent Adelaide furniture removalists
Anna Pereiti
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We’re So Grateful And Have Already Told Our Friends And Family About Connect Market In one trip, we moved to a 5 bedroom house plus outdoor furniture, a pool table and grills. Brad and Elliot were great furniture removalists, making our big move stress-free. We’re so grateful and have already told our friends and family about Connect Market. Fantastic adelaide local removalists.
Garry Smith
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The help of Anthony, Byron and Elliott made our move from a property to a suburban home with a storage unit very easy. They were all very nice and made a process that was very difficult easy for us, and Karyn in the office was great to work with as well. Thanks, Connect Market! I’ll definitely recommend them to others, the make my move hassle free. Better removalists Adelaide.
Frank Monsour
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We moved from a 5×3 with two floors to a 4×2 in Adelaide. The movers were on time, friendly, helpful and thorough. Only one truck load was needed for the move. The movers did a great job. They made sure all of our things were in the right place in the new house and that they were carefully transported. Removalists Adelaide prices are very fair.
Adrian Goulding
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We recently moved to Adelaide with the help of Connect Market. We moved our things carefully between two flats that were close to each other. They started the job on time and finished it on time, despite having to deal with big couches and tricky stairs. During the whole process, the moving team were also very helpful and easy to get in touch with.