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Connect Market makes finding a moving company really easy. We take a look at what service you need for your move and match you with the ideal removalists Malvern from a list of companies who work with us.

This smart approach makes sure you get a moving company that’s just the right fit for you. Connect Market is all about making your move as straightforward and you don’t have to waste your time looking for reliable removalists.

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Some of our unique features
Removalists in Malvern

complete moving plans

Complete Moving Packages

Connect Market offers complete moving packages that cover everything you might need from the beginning to the end of your move. This includes not only the moving process, whether it's a short distance or a long one. But also connecting you with essential services like utilities and cleaning in Malvern.

Free moving quote

Free and Fast Quotes

Our quotation process is not only free but quick also. When you tell us details of your move like where you want to go and how much stuff you have. We will connect you with removalists and they will tell you how much you will pay without any hidden costs. The price will vary based on your specific needs. Ensuring you understand what you're paying for right from the start.

affordable and cheap removalists in Frankston

Affordable Moving Options

Get great prices without compromising service with our Malvern movers. The movers we recommend are experts at their jobs and won't make you spend a lot of money. They are clear about their prices, so you can move easily without breaking the bank. Pick wisely and save more.

moving solutions

Easy Storage Solutions

Let us know in advance and we will connect you with movers who offer reliable storage options, be it short-term or long term. When choosing a storage solution from a removalists, it is important to consider factors. Such as the level of security provided, access to your stored items, costs, and the term of service.

connecting beyond border

Matching You with the Perfect Movers

We want to help you find the most suitable moving company that can take care of everything you need. Whether it’s being extra careful with breakable items or organizing big moves smoothly, we make sure everything is handled just right for you.

Expert removalists

Care for Your Valuable Items

Our network includes some of the ideal companies skilled in handling invaluable items. Such as antiques, arts, and fragile pieces. They use premium packaging material to ensure the items are moved safe and sound with their utmost care.

storage solution during your house or office move

Eco-Friendly Packing

The moving companies we suggest use green packing methods. They use boxes that can break down naturally and packaging that can be used again. This helps make less trash and cuts down on harmful air pollution from waste.

customer support

24/7 Help Available

Our support team is here to help you anytime, all day, every day. We make sure you can easily talk to our trusted moving companies. Just remember, the moving company itself is in charge of your moving day services.

What Makes Us Different?

At Connect Market, we changed the game for moving to Malvern. We aim that your moving is straightforward. So we communicate everything clearly and provide you with exactly the services that you require.

We have created a straightforward system that lets you receive a quote for free. That means you only pay for the moving help that you actually need. Whether it’s a local or interstate move, we have got just what you need to turn this stressful process into a piece of cake.

Something About Malvern

Thinking about moving to Malvern? This suburb suburb is really close to Melbourne’s city center, only 8 kilometers away. It’s a small place with about 10,000 people. Combining old-time charm with the comforts of a big city.

If you like old buildings, you’ll enjoy Malvern’s historic Victorian and Edwardian homes. For shopping, there’s Malvern Central with over 50 stores, and Glenferrie Road, which has more than 200 shops and cafes.

Malvern is also good for families. It has great schools where kids do really well, and about 30% of the people living here have a college degree. This shows how much the community values education.

For outdoor fun, there are lots of parks and places to relax, like the popular Malvern Gardens. Getting around is easy too, thanks to good public transport that connects you to Melbourne and other areas.

Malvern is safe, friendly, and handy for everything. Whether you’re working, raising kids, or retiring. It’s a great place to live. Malvern might just be the perfect new home for you.

Charges of Local Removalists in Malvern

Moving within Malvern, the cost of hiring removalists Malvern differs based on some factors. Like the weight, the distance, and the level of assistance you require.

For smaller homes, expect to pay between $63 to $72 every 30 minutes for two removalists and a truck. For a medium sized home estimated time to finish is about 6-7 hours and would cost around $967 to $1,027 on average.

Large moves: For really huge ones, which would take the movers about 12 to 13 hours of work. The cost could jump to about $1,980.

The average cost of moving house in Malvern is likely to be around $1,000. But this is entirely dependent upon your needs and the volume of items being moved.

Why Choose the Connect Market?

Save Time

Yes, moving is a big job and is likely to take much of your time. The furniture removalists team will connect you with know how to take good care of your belongings and relocate it quickly.

Transparent and Simple

That’s how we like to keep things simple here at Connect Market. From how much it’s going to cost to how we select the Removalists for you. Everything is laid out right in front of you so that no surprises come out later.

Personalized Mover Matching

We understand that every move is different, and with that in mind, we bring you matches tailored to meet your needs. While not only respecting your timeline but also respecting your budget.

How We Work

Get a Moving Quote in Malvern – Fast, Easy, and Saves You Money

Here’s how it works:
1. Tell Us About Your Move
2. Get Your Custom Quote
3. Decide and Relax

We have built a network of hardworking, skillful Malvern Removalists who can move your things while taking care of them. Our listed movers are professionals in everything, starting with packing up furniture to making sure appliances are brought in without a scratch.

cheap removalists team in Malvern

Our Removal Services in Malvern

Our partnered Moving companies in Malvern offer not just one or two but all furniture removals. They can help you with local moves, interstate moves and much more.

With us, you will find multiple moving companies that offer services such as packing and unpacking, storage, transportation, cleaning, utilities and much more. You don’t have to go any further now. You will get what you want from us at Connect Market.

Affordable House Removals in Malvern

House Movers

We work with professional movers who know how to handle everything from big furniture to fragile heirlooms. We choose house movers who put safety first to make sure all your items reach your new home in perfect condition. These movers are careful and always make sure to keep your belongings safe during the move.

Efficient Office Removals Service in Malvern

Office Movers

Our movers are great at moving office setups quickly. They take care of important office stuff like computers, desks, and important papers. They work fast to make sure you can get back to work quickly with little interruption. You can rely on our movers to handle your office move efficiently and professionally.

Malvern’s Trusted Local and Interstate Removalists

Local and Interstate Moves

Whether you’re moving within Malvern or to another state. We connect you with movers who offer affordable options for both. Our aim is to match you with a moving team that knows how to handle the unique challenges of both local and interstate moves. Making your relocation easy and stress-free.

Expert Packers and Movers in Malvern

Movers and Packers Geelong

To make moving less stressful, our movers provide full packing and unpacking services. They use high-quality materials to wrap your items securely for the move. This service is meant to help lift the weight off your shoulders, ensuring your move goes smoothly.


Reliable Cleaning Services in Malvern

Cleaning Services

For a few individuals moving is not only about transporting stuff from one place to another. It is also about leaving the old space in excellent condition and making sure the new home is clean. To help with this we offer assistance in finding cleaning professionals who specialize in move-out and move-in cleaning services.

Comprehensive Energy Services in Malvern

Energy Services

When you move into a new home, setting up essential utilities like electricity and gas should be a priority. To make your space comfortable and functional. We assist you in finding great deals on these energy services. Our team collaborates with reputable energy providers to meet your specific needs efficiently and affordably.

Frequently Asked Questions on Removal in Malvern

Removalists Malvern can pack up your stuff, put it in their trucks, take it to your new house, and even unpack it for you. They can also keep your things for a little while if your new house isn’t ready.

Most movers can’t move pets because of safety rules. It’s better to find a special service that moves pets safely.

If something breaks, tell the moving company right away. Take pictures of the broken thing and check your contract to see what you can do about it.

You should ask movers to help about 4-6 weeks before you move. Especially if you’re moving when it’s really busy, like on weekends or at the end of the month.

Yes, movers won’t move dangerous things. Like food that can spoil, plants, or very expensive things. You should ask them for a list of things they don’t move.

Yes, many removalists Malvern can move you to another state. Their prices and services might be different. So ask them if they can do it and how much it will cost.

The cost to hire movers changes a lot. It depends on how much stuff you have. How far you’re moving, and if you need extra help.

Sort through your things and decide what to keep. Pack your stuff if you’re not having the movers do it. Label each box with what’s inside and which room it goes in. Make a list of everything you’re moving to check later.

Most movers pack everything for you. But that’s really up to whether you’re willing to pay for this service. How busy you are, and whether you want your stuff packed by professionals so it will be kept safe.


Shari Mohr
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Made all the difference in the move. Never had it been so simple to find a reputable removalist. On time, dressed professionally, and seemed to take care of our stuff like it was theirs. Their friendly attitude made the stressful moving process much easier.
Jacob Ali
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Generally good service, though the team could be a bit more professional and they were also running late. Delivered my things whole and in time. Despite the delays, everything arrived safely . Which was a huge relief.
Michele Wintzloff
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The moving process went smoothly. Although communication could be better. Overall, satisfied with the outcome. I would use this service again because it took a lot of the hassle out of moving.
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Excellent customer service. They responded to all of my questions pretty fast. Helped me choose a suitable moving company. Feels pretty nice to be given pieces of advice. The guidance provided was clear and very helpful throughout the process.
Roberto Dela Cruz
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The process turned out to be quite simple. Reading the reviews and ratings certainly helped me in understanding that the moving companies are helpful and friendly. The reviews really help. You know that the moving company is efficient, friendly, and cheap. I was pleasantly surprised by how straightforward everything was.
Michael Stelling
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I've got to store some of my stuff when moving to a new place. They found me a removalist Malvern with a storage service. And he did it quite fine. The storage options provided were flexible and fit my needs perfectly.
Sarah-Jane Carroll
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Everything was easy and went well. There was a small wait to get the final details, but after that, the move was even better than we hoped.
Ian Smith
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They packed everything really well and paid close attention to details. The price was good for the quality services we got. They took good care of my stuff.
Duncan Smith
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They were quick, professional and fully trained. The price they quoted was exactly what it cost, and there were no problems. They were on time and did a great job.
Michael Darcy
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I'm really happy with how quick and professional they were. The move was easy and went without any issues. I trusted removal company for moving my things.
Simone Mclaughlin
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The moving services was better than we expected and made moving easier. The company was very careful and professional with our stuff, making the move less stressful.