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Our customers have enjoyed the best removalists Melbourne according to their moving needs. Everyone has different moving requirements. Similarly, different movers offer distinct removal services. Finding the right moving company for themselves is extremely difficult for the customers.

CONNECT MARKET acts as a bridge between both the customers and the movers Melbourne. We take in your query and forward it to a moving company that can help you to move. We compare multiple moving companies to find the perfect mover for you.

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Get Furniture Removalists in Melbourne Effortlessly With Us

No need to browse endlessly to find good moving companies that match all your needs efficiently. We connect you with a removalist that will provide you with an complete solution as per your moving requirements. Give us your moving details with a simple click or a call.

Our team will happy to assist you on every step of your move. Avail the benefits of our services and then all you need to do is relax. You will get a best fit quote from a suitable Melbourne furniture removals services provider.

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Easy Moving

We can get quotes for moving your stuff from a leading company. No need to worry if you're moving interstate, locally, or even if you're moving your home or office. We help you find the right people for all kinds of moving jobs. Our partner removalists will make sure your move day hassle free, and everything's safe.

Save money on house move and office moving

Save Dollars

We understand that every single penny is important. So, we only get you prices from super good moving companies. You get a specially picked moving company that doesn't cost too much to make your moving easy. We promise you to give the best moving services by the leading furniture removalists in Melbourne.

Save time on your moving service

Less Time-Consuming

Looking at lots of options online, comparing, and picking the right movers isn't easy or fun. But CONNECT MARKET can find all kinds of moving services in Melbourne with just one click. Now, you can focus on other fun or important things in your life and relax with us.

Best removalists Truck for your moving job

Get Complete Moving Solutions

We provide a complete moving solution. Moving homes or offices, packing, unpacking, locally or interstate moving services. We also provide cleaning and energy services. With us, you can find all type of moving service in Melbourne.

Cost of Local Melbourne Removalists

Two removalists Melbourne and a truck, charge about $60-$85 every 30 minutes. Given that it takes 3-4 hours to move a single bedroom, the typical cost of doing so comes to $500.

We know that moving can be quite expensive in financial terms. Because of this, CONNECT MARKET gets you qualified Melbourne movers at affordable prices. We provide you reliable and cheap movers that match to your needs.

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Why Choose CONNECT MARKET As Your Removalists Partner

  • Affordable Pricing
    CONNECT MARKET offers cheap and affordable moving services in Melbourne and nearby suburbs. We compare different moving deals to pick the perfect deal, ensuring you only pay for what you need. Get a quick quote to save on moving costs with our experienced and cheap Melbourne removalists.

  • Save Moving Time

    We save your valuable time by not having to compare different movers and their prices. We do these time taking tasks, and find your preferred mover as per your need. This means you can enjoy your new space sooner without any long-moving hassles.

  • Flexible Hours

    Our listed Melbourne Removalists are ready to move you anytime, whether day or night, weekday or weekend. We are flexible to fit into your schedule, even for moves at unusual hours. We’re here to meet all your moving needs in your time.

  • Customer Support

    Our friendly customer service team is here to help with every step of your move. They answer all your questions, from movers booking to unpacking your things. Our goal is to make your more enjoyable and stress-free.

The Way We Work

We send you a matchless quote from a company catering to all kinds of removal services in Melbourne . This saves you the time and efforts in finding a right fit for your job.

  • Share your moving details with us.
  • We send you a quote from a fitting company matching your needs.
  • Finalise the quote and relax.

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Feel Settled Quickly With An Efficient Removalist Melbourne

Enjoy Removals Melbourne Quote Without Any Hassle

With us at Connect Market, feel at home in your new house rapidly. Simply provide us with the particulars of your move to receive an estimate from an apt source. You may share all your needed information with a single click on our website. Alternatively, call us 1300 862 044 and get it done with ease and help from our customer care specialists.

Our staff will note all the details and provide you with great service. You will get a quote from companies having efficient as well as cheap removalists in Melbourne. While you get a best-fit mover Melbourne for your job, you can sit back and relax.

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Facts About Melbourne City

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria, Australia. It’s like a fan and sits right where Port Phillip Bay starts. It’s a really big city with lots of smaller cities and places around it. As Victoria’s most populated city, it is home to more than 5 million people.

It’s the second biggest city in Australia after Sydney. But people really love living in Melbourne because it’s safe, has great things like schools and hospitals, lots of jobs and the environment is really nice.

Now, let’s talk about Connect Market. It’s a marketplace where people can find all kinds of removals services that they need. We’re trying to make relocation even easier for everyone who wants to live in this incredible city!

And about Melbourne’s financial situation – it’s really good. The city is growing more and more. You can see this because there are more and more tall buildings in the city centre and new places are popping up on the city’s east side.

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Our Services for Removals Melbourne

We working in the Australians furniture removals industry from last three years. We give our clients a range of affordable removal services. You might need a full-fledged removals services or limited. We get you adept removalists in Melbourne to fulfil all your requirements.

Best and cheap Team of house removals Melburne

House Removalists

If you’re moving your home, it comes with its own set of challenges. Our listed house removalists Melbourne are expert in moving house. They can move heavy furniture and fragile things with care. No matter the situation, we can help you feel better by finding the ideal mover in Melbourne you need.
Home Removals

Office removals Melbourne

Office Removalists

Our listed office removalists in Melbourne help to move your office perfectly. We make sure that moving to your new office goes smoothly by using skilled pros and the right tools. We take care of everything about the move with the greatest care and accuracy. Trust us to minimise downtime and make your office move as easy as possible.

Office Removals

Local Interstate removals Melbourne

Local / Interstate Removalists

You might move to another part of the same city or to another state. We put you in touch with the right movers for your needs. Moving far away isn’t as easy as moving close by.

Our listed Interstate movers in Melbourne always careful about your things. They treat with the greatest care when moving them locally or from one state to another.

Interstate Removals

movers and packers Melburne service

Packers and Movers Melbourne

Moving takes a lot of time because, in addition to transporting things, it takes a lot of time to pack and unpack. When done with care and skill, it reduces the regular cover and tear that comes with moving things. Our listed movers use high-quality materials like corrugated boxes, bubble wrap, plastic sheets. Our movers and packers unpack carefully so that nothing broken or damage.

Packing and Unpacking

Cleaning service in Melbourne and suburbs

Cleaning Services

Cleaning is the most common additional service that everyone book while moving. Whether you want to clean your new place before you reach there or clean your old place after you move out. We provide professional cleaners for every situation. Our listed experts can clean up your new place, whether it’s home or office, CONNECT MARKET is always with you.

Cleaning Service

cheap Energy Services in local Melbourne city

Energy Services

We all know that energy services like gas and electricity can be very expensive if you choose a plan that doesn’t work for you. There are so many different plans on the market that it is hard to find one that works. With Connect Market, you can find a plan that fits your needs and saves you money.

Energy Service

Frequently Asked Questions For Melbourne Movers

With Our Answers to Those Removals Related Queries

To choose a good removalist company in Melbourne, look for ones with good reviews and reasonable prices. Check if they provide transit insurance service or not and look at their experience. Comparing multiple removalists Melbourne is a good idea to find the good one.

On average, two men with a truck charge between $130 and $180 an hour. Price can vary from company to company, movers team, truck size and additional services like packing, unpacking and furniture reassembly.

Here are a few tips for saving money on moving:

  • Book a cheap and cost effective Melbourne movers.
  • Try to reduce the number of items you want to move can allow you to saving money.
  • Pack yourself, but use good packing materials; otherwise, it may damage your items.
  • Renting a truck and moving yourself with the help of friends and family.

Connect Market’s customer care team is available to guide you from Monday to Friday. The time allotted for the service centre starts from 8 am until 5 pm in the evening.

Connect Market is a marketplace for various types of relocation services. It is a lead generation platform that takes in your moving requirements. If you tell us what you need to move, we’ll find a moving company to move your belongings and estimate your cost. Plus, we can help you find people to clean your place or help with your utilities, like electricity and water. This way, you don’t need to spend a lot of time or energy looking at many different options.

If you call us, you’ll be talking to our expert removalists in Melbourne. They are always ready to take your call, listen to your moving needs, and help you pick the right removal company. Moving can be tricky, but our team will do their best to make it as smooth and easy for you as possible. With your stuff in safe hands, you can just sit back and relax.

Can you re-quote me if the number of things on my list goes down before I move?

First, you tell us what you need to move, and we will connect you with a company that you have already booked. If later on you find out you have fewer things to move, in most cases, the company can give you a new price. But to be sure, it’s best to ask the company directly once you get in touch with them.

We don’t charge you anything for providing the quote. It is a totally free service for our customers. If you like the quote shared, then only you will have to pay for the services that you will take from the removals Melbourne company.

The quote will be sent to you by mail or shared over a call by the moving company. You don’t have to go anywhere to get it. This way, it’s quicker and easier for both of us, and you get connected to the right mover in Melbourne.

When you tell us what you need to move, we find good removalists Melbourne, and they give you a price. This saves you from having to look at a ton of options to find the right and affordable moving company.

Whether you need to move big furniture or delicate things, we can get you a price for it. The moving company can help move from one state to another, move locally, move houses, move offices, pack, unpack, and more. Just tell us what you need, and we have a solution for you.

Not just moving things, we can also help with related stuff like cleaning and help with gas and electricity connection services. Move to your new place smoothly with us at Connect Market.

Connect Market is like a helper that connects you with moving companies. Almost all moving companies in Melbourne have insurance that covers any damage that might happen to your things during the move, according to their usual rules and conditions. You can also get your own insurance for your home contents for extra safety. This way we ensure you feel safe and worry-free about your move.

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Highly Recommended Melbourne Removalists By Our Customers

To Book Matchless Movers in Melbourne

Darryl Smith

The Movers arrived on time and informed me by calling 15 minutes before arrival. They were very helpful with my specific requests. The move was quick, and everything moved without any damage. Great service overall from the removals company.

Geethanjali Thenisseri Veetil

The moving team were impressive cheap removalist Melbourne. They even helped me move stuff into my car and set things up perfectly. They worked non-stop without any complaints and were genuinely lovely guys. Highly recommended Melbourne removalists.


Connect Market provided affordable quote. Although movers came a little late, but that’s okay because guys moved my 3bhk house smoothly. Happy! Strongly recommended! I think playing good role in public liability.


We had a great move. Small move, good service, helpful staff. Arrived on time. The movers worked hard. Best and cheap furniture removals services in the city. Guys were professional removalists in Melbourne.

Lea Morona

The service provided by the movers was very good. They arrived on time, patiently waited for us, and worked efficiently. All of my furniture was delivered in good condition without any damage. I would strongly recommend Connect Market for their high quality service.

Melissa Mcdonald

Our experience with the professional movers was excellent. They moved our furniture, including gym gear, and picked up 2 sofas from another address. Both of them are friendly and take great care of our things, I’d happily use their furniture removals services.


Good experince with Connect Market. They were verified movers. Nice Move-Out service. All went well. The guys take little time to move as they carefully move without any scratches. Guys move our stuff smoothly. Great packing service.

Steven W.

The removalists were fast and efficient. They moved to a one-bedroom unit. The biggest items were a bed, desk and fridge, we moved over 250 km away. The guys were very polite and punctual. Highly Recommend them if anyone wants to move in melbourne.

Carole Touzet

The movers were quick, efficient, and wonderful while moving house. Booking with the company was a very professional experience, and the movers themselves were incredibly helpful and lovely. Professional removals service. I am happy!

John Mcqueen

The Melbourne removalists team arrived early, and they were very friendly and efficient. They were extremely helpful and provided some extra services not listed in the order. I really appreciate their service and will definitely recommend them. Thanks guys!


The boys were very polite and helpful. They arrived on time. It was a small move (1bedroom) over a medium distance. Good experience.


I booked by Connect Market. The boys did a great job. They were polite. All went good, safe and sound. They moved to a 4 bedroom house over a short distance. The move was great and was done in 3 hours. Very competitive price. Good job by home removalists.

Oscar Sagarra

The Melbourne removalists team was professional and completed the job well. They managed to move my fridge, queen bed, and couch down several flights of stairs. They allowed me to help with smaller items and accommodated me when I asked for adjustments.

Lila Gibson

I relocated to Melbourne, a move that was initially quite intimidating. The Move included a two-bedroom house and a self-contained studio. On the day of pickup, it was raining heavily! The team was fantastic – pleasant, efficient, and cautious. Definitely recommended!

Jonathan T.

We booked our Melbourne removalists through Connect Market. The removalists are excellent with their services. They were very professional and very helpful. All in all, everything went well. They moved safe and secure.

Liz Roberts

I booked by Connect Market. The boys did a great job. They were polite. All went good, safe and sound. They moved to a 4 bedroom house over a short distance. The move was great and was done in 3 hours. Very competitive price. Good job by home removalists.